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Dear Editor,

We would like to congratulate you on the article on MHE’s in Sept/Oct edition of the Manning Community News.

I think we would be correct in saying that the majority of people in the Hallidays Point/Tallwoods area are opposed to the proposed development, but also keenly aware  that if it is approved, then it sets a precedent for this type of development right across the council region.

It should also be noted that the residents are not opposed to development as long as it is keeping with that existing in the the area. This parcel of land was re-zoned from rural to residential in 2010, with a plans for approximately 80 homes similar to those already in existence in Tallwoods and the nearby area. As far as we know there was really no objection to this kind of development.

We also think the local infrastructure is not in place to support such developments.

According to Gateway’s 2016 Security Holders Review they have properties at Darawank (Forster) (68 MHE sites), Manning Point (149 sites), Old Bar (200 MHE sites), Red Head (372 MHE sites), a total of 789 MHE sites. If the Tallwoods proposal goes ahead it will bring the total sites to 991 sites owned by this company alone.

Council is missing out on a considerable amount of rate revenue, and we are not convinced there is a demonstrated need for more of these units. 

It is pretty obvious that government rental subsidies and the rate revenue are being indirectly transferred to these companies and making the MHE model very profitable.

We thoroughly enjoy your paper and that it is covering issues important to local communities. Particularly the article on Cr Len Roberts. Keep up the good work.

Kindest Regards

Les & Susan Burke

Tallwoods Village

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