Do you care about preserving and enhancing our beautiful green natural environment?

If so you have been betrayed by your Councillors.

Look how they voted on September 26th – and weep!  Or join MEG Midcoast Environment Group and fight for genuine community consultation on this important issue.  Call 0411 852 452 for further details.

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From Midcoast Council Ordinary Meeting 260918 re Report on Harmonisation –


1. That the information be noted; and 

2. That the GLC DCP be formally amended to remove all tree and vegetation controls; and 

3. That a workshop* be held as soon as possible to discuss the introduction of a significant tree register or other such mechanisms to protect significant trees. 

FOR VOTE – Cr D West, Cr B Christensen, Cr L Roberts, Cr K Bell, Cr J McWilliams, Cr T Fowler, Cr K Hutchinson 

AGAINST VOTE – Cr C Pontin, Cr P Epov, Cr K Smith 


*NOT a public workshop

Authorised by Ariel Johnson for MEG MidCoast Environment Group.*
*We are a group of MidCoast Council residents who got together in April 2018 at Taree to form a network of groups and individuals to fight unsustainable and inappropriate development and to protect our beautiful and unique natural environment.
The habitats of many of our wild creatures are threatened by unchecked development, water and air pollution, land-clearing and inadequate waste management. 

If you’re interested in the network idea please keep in touch via phone or email— for further activities and to share your ideas.
Ariel  0411 852 452 or
Facebook: MEG MidCoast Environment Group

We believe that the environment is a political issue transcending party politics and this alliance would not be party-political.  Everyone who cares about our natural environment would be invited to join in a common cause.
All comments welcome!   Website coming soon!
The recent forced amalgamation of our local government area has created new and concerted threats to the environment in our region. It also leaves the forces for conservation lacking structure and leadership at an appropriate level. We feel strongly that the time has come to get together and get organised!

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  1. Ian Morphett says:

    I notice that Midcoast Council on November 8 has put out a press release that makes it quite clear that the Councillors’ intention is to scrap all tree controls across the Midcoast LGA to bring Great Lakes into line with Manning and Gloucester (not the other way around). As stated in the press release and on the referenced MCC web page ( , “Councillors also resolved to workshop the establishment of a significant tree register and investigate other ways in which significant trees can be protected.”

    Of course, a significant tree register could only protect an extremely limited number of the hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of trees in Midcoast, so as a vegetation management tool it would be useless.

  2. Jenny Lornie says:

    Was going up the manning river and devastated not to be able to see the bottom…totally green.
    When is the council going to let out the river at Farquahar?
    Jenny Lornie
    Old Bat

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